Millennials & Snacking: Trends & Insights

Posted by Rebekah Wicke on 7/11/18


Everyone loves snacking – especially Millennials. In fact, most Millennials snack frequently throughout the day, sometimes rather than eating full meals. As a seasoning supplier to snack food manufacturers, we’ve seen the impact that Millennials have had on the snack food industry. From healthier snacking options to more unique flavors, Millennials have been changing the way we look at snacks. 

Snack Nuts

Remember the days when snacking had an unhealthy connotation? In the past, there were few “healthy” options for snacks. Millennials, however, have been known to be health conscious and to look for claims on snack food packaging, more so than older generations. Millennials tend to perceive organic, non-GMO and all natural products as healthier than other products, so they’re likely to gravitate towards products with those claims. Snacks with simple, recognizable ingredients have been growing in popularity, as have snacks with high protein, low fat, and fewer calories. Sales for products like ready to eat popcorn, jerky, trail mix, and snack nuts have increased significantly in recent years due to Millennials’ interest in “healthier” snacks. Alternatives to potato chips, like veggie chips, have also seen increases in popularity for that reason.

Millennials are always on the go – and they want their snacks to go with them! Portable, convenient snack options are appealing to Millennials. Seeing as Millennials are constantly snacking, it’s no surprise that they want to be able to take their snacks wherever they go. A snack that can be eaten on the go will be much more appealing to a Millennial than one that can’t.

Beet Chips

When it comes to food, Millennials tend to be more adventurous than older generations. That’s why they’ve been driving flavor expansion across categories. Not surprisingly, flavor is one of the top factors that Millennials look for when choosing a snack. Ever feel overwhelmed by the number of flavors in the potato chip aisle at the grocery store? That’s partially due to Millennials’ interest in exciting and unique flavors. They’ve been driving growth in ethnic flavors and regionally inspired flavors. A plain barbeque isn’t necessarily going to cut it with Millennials; they’ll be more interested in a Korean Barbeque, Kansas City Barbeque, or Honey Sriracha Barbeque.

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