African Inspiration

Posted by Rebekah Wicke on 11/8/18

African Cuisine

We’ve been inspired by African flavors – and you will be too!

In the past few years, consumers have been pushing for more authentic ethnic cuisines and flavors. Millennials, of course, have influenced this, as they tend to be more adventurous eaters, but people in general have been more interested in having their food tell a story. As a result, cuisines from around the world have seen an increase in popularity.

With Asian, Latin, and Mediterranean cuisines seeing the most significant gains both in foodservice and at retail, our customers are always asking us, “What’s next?” Our answer: African. From Congo to Kenya, foods and flavors from Africa have seen modest gains in foodservice, but we expect African flavors to be the next ethnic trend. 

HarissaAlways Interesting African

Our taste trend research shows that African spice blends and condiments are seeing rises in popularity. Seasoning blends like Baharat, Ras el Hanout, and Dukkah aren’t mainstream yet, but they’ve seen an increasing amount of exposure in fine dining. What typically starts trending in fine dining eventually makes its way to retail, which is how we know these flavors will soon be making their way onto everything from potato chips to proteins at the grocery store.

The best thing about these blends? They’re incredibly versatile. Here at Fuchs, we put Ras el Hanout on everything, including ice cream, cookies, and snacks. Baharat is equally versatile, as it goes well on proteins, vegetables, grains, and even snacks.

Thanks in part to Sriracha, there’s been a huge increase in demand for super spicy ethnic flavors. Harissa, a Northern African chili pepper paste, has already been making its way to foodservice and retail, being featured on bagels, sandwiches, and in frozen food. Another spicy African flavor? Piri Piri, which originated in Portugal but is commonly used in Eastern African cuisine, is a sauce that utilizes the Piri Piri pepper, lemon, and spices to bring the heat. It’s commonly used as a marinade for seafood and protein, but don’t be surprised if you see it on snacks in the future.

Inspiring African

Ras el Hanout

So what is the allure of African cuisine? It is exotic for one. Millennials are super adventurous eaters and will be excited to try new menu items inspired by African cuisines. It’s also very flavorful, with unique spices blends, citrus components, and super spicy peppers and flavors. People have been exceptionally health conscious in recent years, and African cuisine is relatively healthy, as it often times features vegetables, grains and seafood.

Here at Fuchs, we’ve captured the vibrant flavors of African cuisine in several of our custom seasoning blends. Drawing inspiration from authentic dishes from Ethiopia, Mozambique, Senegal, and more, these seasonings are sure to be a hit!

And Fuchs’ innovation doesn’t stop there. Our R&D team will develop custom seasoning solutions for your needs!

Learn more about our market research. Contact us today for customized Taste Trend research and more information about our custom seasoning solutions.

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