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Posted by Rebekah Wicke on 5/8/18

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Here at Fuchs North America, we love curries of all kinds! They’re flavorful, yummy and very trendy. Curry, which originated in South Asia, but is popular throughout the world, is also really versatile. The flavor profiles work well on just about everything from snacks to sauces to frozen foods. Not only that, but curry flavor profiles can be super spicy for adventurous eaters or super mild to appeal to the masses. So what is curry and why is it so popular?

What It Is: Curries consist of a blend of flavorful spices and herbs and are usually cooked in some form of sauce with vegetables and/or meat. From Thai to Indian to African, there are so many different variations of curry. Thai and Southeast Asian curries typically use coconut milk to make the sauce, while in Indian and South Asian curry, cream, yogurt and tomato are oftentimes utilized to make the sauce.

Why Its Popular: Not surprisingly, given all of the ethnic food and flavor trends, curry is one of the top growth flavors in both foodservice and retail this year. What’s the appeal of curry? They’re exotic; every curry is different. Millennials are on the hunt for authentic ethnic foods and flavors, and curry fits the bill. Some are super spicy, delivering the heat and complex spicy flavors that Millennials crave, while others are milder and have more mass appeal. Curry also is typically perceived as being healthy, as it typically features meat, vegetables and spices that have perceived health benefits.

Given how popular curry is and is becoming, it made sense for us to include a couple of our favorite curry profiles in our South Asian Collection, released in fall 2017. Request samples here

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