Fuchs’ Fall 2017 Flavor Insights

Posted by Rebekah Wicke on 8/22/17

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It’s almost fall and you know what that means? Pumpkin spice lattes, pumpkin spice doughnuts, pumpkin spice ice cream, pumpkin spice everything! As much as we love pumpkin spice, our customers are always asking us what other flavors there are for fall. Over the past few years, pumpkin spice has dominated fall foods and flavors, but there are so many other yummy fall flavors that consumers will love just as much. Here’s our take on some up and coming non-Pumpkin Spice fall flavors:

Beverage Inspiration

More and more, we’ve been seeing beverage inspired foods and flavors across categories and in both retail and foodservice. This fall, we expect wine and other alcoholic beverages will serve as inspiration for dishes and products in various channels. Wines, especially red wine and port wine, have been among the top growth flavors for foodservice in recent weeks, and as the weather starts getting a bit colder, we wouldn’t be surprised to see these flavors grow even more in the coming weeks.

Outside of wines and the ever popular Pumpkin Spice Latte, other beverages, like chai tea, horchata, and hot chocolate will also see rises in popularity. Tea flavor profiles in particular have been popping up more frequently in dairy, desserts, baked goods and snacks. Don’t be surprised to see beverage inspired items with an ethnic twist, like Mexican Hot Chocolate, on grocery store shelves and restaurant menus this fall.

Comfort Food Reimagined

AdobeStock 58715349Comfort food has been trending across the board lately, and last fall, we saw classic comfort food items popping up in foodservice, snacks and frozen foods. Think meatloaf, roasted chicken, butternut squash soup... Expect to see those same types of profiles, but with a twist. We expect to see some of the other flavor trends, like super spicy and ethnic flavors, combining with this trend for unexpected takes on classic dishes.

Sweet Tooth Satisfying

AdobeStock 73979325Although caramel and salted caramel are now year-round flavors, expect to see a spice in caramel and related items throughout this fall. Desserts, dairy and snacks in particular will see new flavors that feature caramel combined with other trendy ingredients. Apple flavors and items, as well, are frequently associated with fall, so expect to see more of those, but in conjunction with trendy ingredients and new applications. Dessert inspired flavors have been increasingly popular, so don’t be surprised to see some super indulgent takes on your favorite fall desserts.

Moving Forward with Fuchs

At Fuchs, we have seasonings inspired by every season to help you figure out your next LTO or seasonal product line – and the taste trend research to back it up.

And Fuchs’ innovation doesn’t stop there. Our R&D team will develop custom seasoning solutions for your needs!

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