Breakfast On the Rise

Posted by Rebekah Wicke on 10/3/17

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Breakfast is on the rise! Thanks, in part, to all-day breakfast offerings, breakfast is one category that’s been seeing some serious transformations. With consumers seeking new and interesting takes on food, breakfast items have been breaking out of the norm. Breakfast isn’t just about eggs and pancakes anymore; it’s about bowls, spicy and savory flavors, avocado toast, portable options, ethnic and regional influences, comfort food and nutritious, protein packed items. Let’s take a look at some of the top breakfast trends we’ve been seeing:

Bountiful Bowls

AdobeStock 76459786Bowls have been taking the frozen aisle and menus by storm in recent years, due to their convenience, versatility and portion control. Bowls can either be super indulgent, or touted as healthy and nutrient packed. It’s no surprise, then, that bowls have grown increasingly popular for breakfast. Smoothie bowls, which feature healthy ingredients like fruit, chia seeds and globs of protein packed peanut butter, in particular have seen substantial growth. Not only are they perfect for breakfast, but they also make a great snack.

Spicy & Savory

When thinking about breakfast foods, a lot of sweet flavors come to mind: maple, banana, strawberry, cinnamon. But now, breakfast is breaking out into spicy and savory flavors. Seeing as breakfast has been moving into other dayparts where sweet flavors are not as prevalent, it only makes sense that breakfast would start taking on spicy and savory flavor profiles. Spicy flavors, specifically, are popular with Millennials, who are looking for more heat across categories.

Avocado Toast

Everyone’s heard about Millennials’ deep love for avocado toast. Not only is avocado toast popular, but other forms of toast with colorful, often times healthful ingredients loaded on top are seeing growth. Why? Social media may play a role in this one. These items are not only healthy and tasty, but they also photograph well for social media.

AdobeStock 80136273Ethnic & Regional Influences

As interest in ethnic cuisines is reaching all new heights, ethnic inspired breakfasts are seeing increases as well. Think Middle Eastern Shakshouka, French Crepes and Mexican Chilaquiles and Huevos Rancheros. Similarly, food items inspired by different regions in the United States have been on the rise too, and for breakfast, Southern items in particular have experienced substantial growth. These items are typically viewed as comfort food, which is also on trend. Think Chicken & Waffles, Biscuits & Gravy and Beignets.


Everyone is eating on the go – especially Millennials. Food items need to accommodate Millennials’ busy lifestyles, meaning that they need to be portable. There’s been a substantial increase in portable breakfast options both in foodservice and retail, taking the form of wraps, bowls, and bars.

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Seeing as Millennials are expecting to eat their breakfast on the go, they’re looking for their wrap, bowl or bar to have it all: convenience, portability, nutrition and protein. They want their breakfast items to keep them full and fuel them with protein and nutrients. Not only do they expect their breakfast to be delicious and social media friendly, but it needs to be healthy and nutrient rich too. Consumers have grown increasingly health conscious, and so they’re expecting their breakfast to start their day out right.

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