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Posted by Rebekah Wicke on 10/03/16

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We’ve been inspired by Southeast Asian flavors – and you will be too!

It’s no secret – Southeast Asian cuisine has been taking foodservice by storm. With Southeast Asian inspired dishes popping up on restaurant menus, it also comes as no surprise that Southeast Asian flavors have been making appearances in the grocery store, in everything from snacks to frozen meals. So for us, it made sense to develop a new collection of Southeast Asian inspired seasonings.

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Our taste trend research shows that flavors inspired by dishes like Thai Coconut Curry, Malaysian Rendang, and Vietnamese Pho are trending. And the Southeast Asian trend isn’t fizzling out anytime soon! Asian flavors in general have been increasing in popularity over the past few years, and Southeast Asian flavors are no exception.

New and exciting ethnic flavors are highly in demand – especially with millennials, who are driving snack food growth. We’ve found that now more than ever, people are interested in trying foods from around the world. They’re also more interested than ever in having the specific origin of the food or flavor called out in the name. That’s why we’re seeing so many more Thai curries on menus and in the grocery store aisle.

Attraction on Many Levels

So what is the allure of Southeast Asian food, besides it being exotic? It’s flavorful, for one. fuchs asian inspiration 2Aromatic herbs and citrus are two main components of Southeast Asian cuisine. It often times uses familiar ingredients, like peanuts for example, in unfamiliar ways. It’s also relatively healthy, with many of the dishes loaded with vegetables and sometimes fruit. Seafood is a staple in the Southeast Asian diet, due to its geographic location. Fish sauce is an integral part of many recipes, similar to the way that soy sauce would be used in dishes in other parts of Asia.

Here at Fuchs, we’ve captured the vibrant flavors of Southeast Asian cuisine in several of our custom seasoning blends. Drawing inspiration from authentic dishes from Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam, and more, these seasonings are sure to be a hit!

And Fuchs’ innovation doesn’t stop there. Our R&D team will develop custom seasoning solutions for your needs!

Learn more about our market research. Contact us today for customized Taste Trend research and more information about our custom seasoning solutions.

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