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Posted by Rebekah Wicke on 5/15/18

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The Fuchs Group, the world’s largest privately-held seasoning and spice company, operates on four continents to carry out our mission to serve food customers no matter where they’re located. When you work with Fuchs, you gain the advantage of global resourcing and market insights, giving you maximum flexibility. Here, we highlight our facilities in Brazil. 

IMG 0421History:

In 1978, the first South American facility of Fuchs was established in Brazil, focused on the planting and dehydration of raw material to export. In 1989, the second facility, located in São Paulo State, started commercial operations and some industrial processing.

Since then, Fuchs Gewürze Brazil expanded business and operations, demanding a plant expansion in 1994, which helped position their products with an increased presence on industrial, food service and retail markets.

To expand the industrial plant production and warehousing areas, and to accommodate for continued expansion in 1998, FGB moved to the city of Itupeva in São Paulo State on a 6.500m² area campus to house laboratories, warehousing, processing packaging and picking.

Since 2001 the group acquired the JIMMI brand, a traditional label for table sauces and seasonings in the Brazilian retail market, and gained representative space with smart positioning.


Imagem6With substantial marketing support, based on market research, we offer our customers our expert knowledge on food trends, for both foodservice and retail. Our R&D team has all the tools to bring tailormade solutions to our customers, interfacing the processing requirements, with improved costs structure and applying solutions on a fully equipped pilot plant.

Side-by-side with an analytical laboratory equipped and prepared to attend to every single part of the process in quality control, quality assurance, and regulatory affairs. FGB considers quality a matter of course, offering traceability and security from farm to fork.

The FGB plant can produce monthly 90 tons of milling, 160 tons of dry blends, 140 tons of liquid blends, packaging 250 tons and 15,000 unities of finished products to retail. All of that with a full system controlled on-site storage with 3,000 positions.


The quality programs H.A.C.C.P., G.M.P. and Halal are examples of the formal commitment that FGB keeps in attendance to its customers' requirements, resulting in large marketing participation and working with large food companies, both locally and globally, establishing FGB as a major supplier to food manufacturers.

In 2017, to meet FSSC 22.000 requirements FGB started an initiative in the industrial facility to expand installations and optimize processes. At the same time, the JIMMI brand went through a complete reformulation and new brand positioning.

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