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Posted by Rebekah Wicke on 9/18/18

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The Fuchs Group, the world’s largest privately-held seasoning and spice company, operates on four continents to carry out our mission to serve food customers no matter where they’re located. When you work with Fuchs, you gain the advantage of global resourcing and market insights, giving you maximum flexibility. Here, we highlight our facilities in Germany. 

Fuchsgruppe Location Schnbrunn 2History:

The Fuchs Gruppe was founded in Dissen, Germany in 1952 by Dieter Fuchs, who started out by selling bags of salt and pepper off of his bicycle. His enthusiasm, his will to work hard and his entrepreneurial foresight shapes the identity of Fuchs employees in the past, in the present and in the future.

The company occupied its first headquarters in Dissen from 1962 until its new headquarters, also located in Dissen, was built in 2009. The original headquarters is still in use as a manufacturing facility for pepper and other dry goods for the food industry and foodservice. The new headquarters houses Fuchs Germany’s R&D, and both wet and dry goods are manufactured there. Our facilities in Dissen are home to the world’s largest spice mill.

In addition to the facilities in Dissen, Fuchs Germany runs a manufacturing plant in Schönbrunn, where its retail spices and associated packaging are produced. Overall, in Germany, Fuchs employs approximately 1800 employees.


Fuchsgruppe ResearchandDevelopmentIn Germany, Fuchs produces a wide range of products, including spices, seasonings, herbs, sauces, broths, pastes and soups. Much of our work in Germany is custom; 85% of our development projects for the food industry are custom tailored for our customers.

Fuchs’ customers span both foodservice and the packaged food industry, catering to a variety of categories, including bakery, snacks, meats, prepared meals, and frozen products.

Fuchs is a go-to supplier for many major food companies in Germany. Ingredients produced in our German facilities are in so many products that every single German eats a Fuchs product at least once a day.

Among our greatest strengths are our R&D capabilities, as we’ve made strides in technological development in areas such as flavor, aroma and color enhancement and shelf-life extension.

Fuchsgruppe ManufacturingCertifications:

Our facilities in Germany hold many key certifications, including IFS, Halal, Kosher, and RSPO Supply Chain, which is in accordance with our commitment to delivering quality products to our customers and consumers. In addition, we hold EU Organic Certification and the German Organic Seal.

Check out Fuchs Germany's website here.

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