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Posted by Rebekah Wicke on 10/2/18

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What is Garlic?

Garlic and its cousins, onion and shallots, are members of the lily family. One of the earlier records of garlic usage was from 1358 B.C. in the tomb of Tutankhamen where several garlic bulbs were found. Much later, in ancient Rome, the spice was often eaten by common people and by soldiers for courage. The upper class, however, regarded garlic as vulgar, a sign of lower class. In England, with time came a more widespread acceptance of garlic and expanded beliefs in its health benefits.

Today, much of the world’s supply of garlic is cultivated in the United States, primarily in California. It is a hardy perennial with long flattened leaves and lavender to white flowers at the end of a single stalk. The garlic bulb, comprised of sections known as cloves, is not a root as many people believe. Rather, the bulb grows underground at the base of the stem and numerous fine roots grow from the bottom of the bulb.

What is it used for today?

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Garlic, powdered, granulated, or as part of a seasoning blend, has enjoyed tremendous usage increase in the United States in recent years. It is often used in combination with onion in a seasoning. It also blends well with other spices and can be found in seasonings for canned foods, meat products, sauces, soups and several types of baked goods and breads.

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