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Posted by Rebekah Wicke on 4/2/19

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What is White Pepper?

White peppercorns originate from the berry of the same climbing perennial vine as that of black pepper - Piper nigrum. The berries become the two different products as we know them by their level of maturity and method of processing.

While berries for black peppercorns are picked when green and immature, white peppercorns are processed from the most mature berries. They are harvested when they are slightly yellow, just as they begin to turn red. They are then prepared by soaking the berry in flowing water for a week or more to aid in the removal of their pungent outer hull. This hull is them removed and the smooth, light gray-cream color core is dried to become white pepper, a milder lighter version of black pepper.

What is it used for today?

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Due to its milder flavor and light color, white pepper is preferred over black pepper by many chefs and food technologists. Seasoning blends formulated with white pepper include many of the same blends containing black pepper such as those for meats, sauces and more. The choice of white pepper is often made when visible black specks may be considered undesirable. This practice is prevalent in European cuisines where white pepper consumption is much higher than in America.

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