Wisconsin Cheese Industry Conference Recap

Posted by Rebekah Wicke on 4/19/17

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Three members of the Fuchs team attended the Wisconsin Cheese Industry Conference in Madison, Wisconsin last week. This was the first year that Fuchs has exhibited at the Cheese Industry Conference.

At our booth, we showed three unique and trendy cheese items. The first of which was a Mediterranean Pumpkin seasoning in goat cheese. Mediterranean cuisine has been 20170412 104257rising in popularity in the past couple of years, making this seasoning particularly relevant. Also in goat cheese, we showed a Berbere & Honey seasoning. Berbere, an African spice blend common in Ethiopia, brings the heat, while sweet honey balances it out. This is the perfect ethnic sweet heat combo! Last, but definitely not least, we showed a Smoky Bourbon with Maple and Apple seasoning in cheddar cheese. Chef Elizabeth Landry made these into quesadillas, and they were a hit!

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