Halloumi is Heating Up!

Halloumi, a semi-hard elastic cheese, is the top growing cheese according to Mintel Menu Insights, growing 240% in menu mentions from 2018-2020. The cheese has gained traction in the food industry over the past few years due to its versatility – you can use it in a salad, a pizza, or even as a protein source on a sandwich! Its taste profile is prominently salty, minty, and milky, making it a cheese that you can pair with almost anything.

We decided to take this trendy, mild cheese, and develop two snack seasonings: Halloumi with Mediterranean Veggie & Herb and Halloumi with Harissa. Once they were created by one of our R&D experts, we conducted a survey to get consumers’ opinions on the flavors. Below are some noteworthy comments:

  1. Halloumi with Mediterranean Veggie & Herb
    1. “Very good. Can definitely taste the Mediterranean flavor.”
    2. “I like the sophisticated and unique flavor.”
    3. “Overall, it is a nice balanced chip with cheese and herbs”
  2. Halloumi with Harissa
    1. “The chip was tasty and is something I would definitely purchase”
    2. “Balanced chip and I like how the harissa came through without high overall intensity I have seen in other products. The cheese and acid help balance the harissa.”
    3. “Good balance of flavors”

Interested in trying these flavor profiles? Contact us here to request FREE samples!

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