Fuchs North America Introduces “World Barbecue Collection” of Seasonings and Rubs

For a limited time, complimentary samples of 11 innovative items are being offered to food manufacturing and foodservice firms.

October 14, 2015 – Fuchs North America, a leading maker of seasonings, flavor systems and taste solutions to the food manufacturing and foodservice industries, introduces its World Barbecue Collection – a new line of 11 distinctive seasonings, sauces, mixes and flavors.

The new collection celebrates the wide range of BBQ flavors in all of their rich and wonderful varieties. It’s truly a worldwide collection, with seasonings and rubs inspired by the cuisines of Africa and the Eastern Mediterranean, Asia, Latin America, the Caribbean Basin, and more.

These items are also the starting point for food manufacturers and foodservice establishments to develop their own unique signature product offerings.

The 11 exciting items in Fuchs’ new World BBQ Collection include:World-BBQ-Collection-4

  • African Braai BBQ Rub
  • Barbacoa Caribbean BBQ Seasoning
  • Bigger-than-Texas BBQ Seasoning
  • Characteristically Cuban BBQ Seasoning
  • Full-Flavored Filipino Seasoning
  • Huli Hawaiian Chicken BBQ Seasoning
  • Jamaican Jamboree BBQ Seasoning
  • Oaxaca Explosion BBQ Rub
  • Sweet ‘n Sticky BBQ Seasoning
  • Tarator Middle Eastern BBQ Seasoning
  • Zesty New Zealand BBQ Seasoning

In introducing the collection, Ken Wuestenfeld, Fuchs’ vice president of sales and technical services, explained the strategy behind the offerings. “These latest profiles demonstrate how barbecue foods are a worldwide phenomenon,” he observed.

“Everyone loves a good Texas barbecue – and one of our offerings is a great new take on that. But barbecue foods are so much more, and our new offerings will take you literally around the world to sample all of the wonderful varieties there are,” Wuestenfeld added.

According to Patrick Laughlin, Fuchs North America’s director of marketing and taste trend research, the World Barbecue Collection is filled with innovative offerings that draw their inspiration from national cuisines from all over the globe – and that are, in turn, influencing American tastes.

The American taste palette is expanding, and food companies have picked up on that trend,” Laughlin explained. “Barbecue foods are no exception. From pre-marinated meats for the grocery aisle to exciting new foodservice menu items, we’re seeing barbecue offerings that were practically unheard of just a few years ago. It’s happening because of more adventuresome eaters who crave not only Regional American cookery, but also exotic foods inspired by the cuisines of East Asia such as Thai and Korean, along with the Middle East, India and even Africa.

Commenting on the demographic characteristics of these consumers, Laughlin observed, “We often think of them as Millennials – and it’s true that adventuresome eaters tend to skew younger. But our research also shows that many people that are part of the Baby Boomer generation are ready to try out new, interesting food offerings as well.”

World-BBQ-Collection-2While each of the 11 items that make up Fuchs’ World BBQ Collection has its own unique and special qualities, all of them draw on the authentic characteristics of national and regional cuisines.

For example, Caribbean flavors are featured in Jamaican Jamboree BBQ Seasoning, which incorporates classic jerk seasoning along with brown sugar, molasses and pineapple essence to balance out the heat. Another offering, Barbacoa Caribbean BBQ Seasoning, contains heavy roasted chili notes with a hint of brown sugar sweetness, savory onion and garlic, along with a campfire undertone.

Latin American flavors are represented in two items inspired by the cuisines of Mexico and Cuba. Oaxaca Explosion BBQ Rub is an assertive, full-bodied concoction that possesses a dark mole-like flavor profile with a hint of bitter cocoa and warm ancho chilies, combined with cinnamon, nutmeg and other sweet spices. Characteristically Cuban BBQ Seasoning, which features an inventive combination of garlic, lime, cilantro, tamarind and raisins, also makes a great marinade for meat.

From the African continent, African Braai BBQ Rub marries diverse flavors ranging from pineapple and balsamic vinegar to coriander, garlic and chilies to create a distinctive and utterly irresistible dry marinade for beef or game meats.

World-BBQ-Collection-1Turning to Asia, Tarator Middle Eastern BBQ Seasoning blends heavy chili with lemon and brown spices that are native to the Eastern Mediterranean region – perfect for use as a flavoring for yogurt or tahini served with roasted meats or vegetables. Further east, Full-Flavored Filipino Seasoning takes a classic adobo-style sauce and turns it into a delicious dry rub.

The Oceania region is represented by Zesty New Zealand BBQ Seasoning, a surprising mixture of coconut, lime and cilantro along with brown sugar, molasses and ketchup that’s perfect for barbecued lamb.

Similarly original, Huli Hawaiian Chicken BBQ Seasoning combines soy sauce, sherry, garlic, ginger and brown sugar with a chicken broth base for a unique offering that’s bursting with flavor.

Closer to home, Bigger-than-Texas BBQ Seasoning is like a Texas mop sauce in dry form, while Sweet ‘n Sticky BBQ Seasoning serves as a great base to make a deliciously original grilling or dipping sauce.

According to Laughlin, the strategy behind all Fuchs offerings like the World BBQ Collection is to help food manufacturers and foodservice establishments create novel and exciting items that build on diverse culinary traditions, but that are also unique in their own special ways.

As Laughlin explained, the developmental process is a combination of science and art.

It’s a continuing focus on evolving consumer taste preferences. Our goal is to help food companies come up with new taste sensations – offerings that are distinctively different, not ‘more of the same.

With each customer, Fuchs North America goes from concepts to manufacturing to delivery of an approved flavor as quickly as possible. “Because we have a wide range of flavor bases at the ready, we can provide samples for immediate testing. Then we customize and refine the flavor to attain exactly the taste characteristics our customer is seeking,” Laughlin reported. World-BBQ-Collection-3

Doing so means taking an idea from concept to delivery in a matter of a few weeks or less. “Being able to support customers with that kind of rapid schedule is a huge benefit when they’re under tight product development timeframes.” Laughlin emphasized.

For a limited time, Fuchs North America is offering complimentary samples of the items in its newly introduced World BBQ Collection. To request samples, e-mail your query to Rebekah Wicke at rwicke@fuchsna.com.

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