The Next Level Vegan Collection

The plant-based food industry is exploding right now. Consumers are turning to vegan alternatives for their favorite foods for a variety for reasons – primarily health and environmental concerns. Even those with less adventurous palates have been stepping outside of the comfort zones and trying plant-based foods purely out of curiosity. Our newest collection offers tasty seasoning solutions designed specifically for highly in-demand vegan foods. Each of these blends deliver craveable flavors that will keep consumers coming back for more.

Vegan Burger Base

Plant-based burgers have met their match with our Vegan Burger Base! According to Chef Howard Cantor, Fuchs’ Corporate Executive Chef, this blend is designed to help make meatless proteins taste meatier. “A common complaint among consumers about plant-based burgers is that they don’t taste enough like meat. This seasoning is the solution for just that. Not only does it offer a depth of flavor, but it also makes vegan burgers taste just like the real deal,” he describes.

Mango Seasoning for Vegan Yogurt

Our delightfully sweet Mango Seasoning for Vegan Yogurt is sure to please consumers of all ages. Crafted by Food Technologist Courtney Stokes, this seasoning brings vibrant flavor to dairy-free yogurt, dips, and more.

Creamy Garlic Sauce Base

It can be difficult to make dairy-free sauces look and taste creamy, but the Creamy Garlic Sauce Base in our new collection does just that. This sauce is seriously good – and seriously versatile! Use it to add some flair to veggie-forward side dishes or toss some chickpea or lentil pasta in it for a flavorful main course.

Matcha Vegan Ice Cream Base

Designed to make dairy-free ice cream more delectable, our Matcha Vegan Ice Cream Base offers a sweet, on-trend flavor profile that consumers will rave about. Food Technologist Brian Duffy developed this blend to take vegan ice cream to the next level.

Arc Carroll Color Pos JPG 2The Next Level Vegan Collection was packaged with the help of The Arc Carroll County, an organization that supports adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. To read more about The Arc, click here. 

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