Comprehensive Sensory Evaluation

You want to know what consumers are thinking, whether it be for new products, flavors, or existing formulations; we are your solution. Sensory evaluation is a science that measures, analyzes, and interprets the reactions of people to products as perceived by the senses. It is a means of determining whether product differences are perceived, the basis for the differences, and whether one product is liked more than another.

With a full-time sensory scientist with over 25 years of experience, fully equipped sensory lab, and trained employee panelists, Fuchs can offer insights throughout the product development process. Why sensory? Studies show that sensory science often results in increased revenue, consumer satisfaction, and speed to market.

Our Testing Capabilities:

Discrimination Testing

Let our team of carefully screened employee panelists provide the confidence you need with matching & formulation change projects. We specialize in Tetrad methodology but can handle a wide variety of approaches.

Trained Taste Panels

Our trained panel measures critical differences for quality control and matching projects. Sorting and mapping techniques provide insight into the competitive landscape.

Hedonic Testing

Fuchs’ hedonic panel provides guidance on liking and diagnostic attributes (just-about-right) to objectively guide prototype development.

Custom Sensory Training

We can work with you to develop custom training to suit your needs. Topics include “Sensory 101”, understanding herbs, the science of heat, and many more.

Fuchs brings the joy of food to life, and we want to help you create the most craveable and flavorful products. Our sensory capabilities will enhance our trend experts’ research and help build a strong foundation for new product development. Contact us here to work with our scientist on executing your sensory research.

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