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Posted by Rebekah Wicke on 1/31/17

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In this "Fuchs On the Case" investigation, we take a look at how our R&D team helped a customer solve their seasoning challenges by creating a dynamic new chili seasoning when there wasn't a flavor target to guide development. 

The Mission:

  • Help a food manufacturing client introduce canned chili varieties by creating a winning seasoning profile for branded and private-label product offerings.

Method of Investigation

  • Develop a chili seasoning that delivers great quality and great taste within strict cost parameters.
  • Start with a completely "blank slate" ... because our client had no flavor target or match in mind. 
  • The flavor profile would need to please our client as well as one of its key private-label customers. 

Our Actions: 

  • We experimented with numerous formulations, then offered a zesty Southwestern profile for our client's consideration.shutterstock 518666086 2
  • This profile was liked best compared to all the samples submitted by other seasoning vendors. 
  • It also pleased an important international private-label grocery chain customer. 
  • Only minor tweaks were needed to adjust the flavor profile submitted. Seasoning shipments began less than two months after the very first discussions with this new Fuchs client. 

The Bottom-Line Success:

  • Our deep knowledge in seasoning development and consumer taste preference provided the basis - and inspiration - for creating the winning flavor profile.
  • Solid project management plus close collaboration between all parties (including the all-important private-label customer) dramatically compressed the time to market.
  • Our client now has delightfully delicious branded and private-label additions to its canned chili line, with strong sales potential. 


What flavor challenges do you face? Bring your unsolved cases to us! For more information about our Product R&D, click here. 


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