Market Intelligence, Fact-Finding and Analysis

shutterstock 12162271 2One of the most important ways we support our customers is in providing a wealth of information and insights into what’s happening with today’s consumers: what taste trends are growing more popular, and what the “next new thing” in food products will be.

We stay abreast of always-changing consumer trends and insights:

  • Retail trends through IRI, a market research company which tracks supermarket and mass merchandiser scanner data through its proprietary Infoscan measurement tool, along with analysis of flavor trends for dozens of individual food categories
  • U.S. restaurant trends, menu tracking and menu insights research (Mintel)IRI and mintel logos copy
  • What’s happening in non-GMO, gluten-free and other “healthy” food trends
  • Ongoing monitoring of a wealth of information sources – online research, industry and trade journals, special studies, third-party commissioned research
  • Global trends – sharing knowledge and insights between Fuchs offices worldwide

When you work with us, you’ll find that we’ll work in close collaboration with your own staff to generate winning food concepts.  Our goal is to help you bring your new food or menu innovations to life – one that will bring smiles to your customers’ faces and more dollars to your bottom line.

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