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It’s no secret: consumers are constantly seeking out what’s new and what’s next. As a result, food and flavor trends are constantly shifting and evolving. In a competitive market, you need to stay on top of trends to create products that will attract consumers – and keep them coming back for more.

But keeping up with trends takes a lot time, energy, and resources. That’s why we do the work for you. We’ll provide you with the insights you need to understand consumer taste preferences and make informed decisions about your next product offerings.

How do we do this?

We invest heavily in some of the top consumer trend resources and have a dedicated team of experts who analyze trends year-round. We closely watch what’s trending now – and look ahead to what’s up-and-coming.

We track trends in the ever-changing retail market through retail scanner data from IRi. We subscribe to over fifty categories and keep a close eye on the top flavors and brands, as well as top growth flavors and products. We also use this data to analyze health and wellness trends and growing claims, like organic and non-GMO. Additionally, we track new product introductions and emerging trends through Mintel GNPD data.

What starts trending in foodservice – and particularly fine dining – eventually makes its way into retail, so we pay close attention to restaurant trends as well through Mintel Menu Insights. This includes in-depth analyses of LTOs and growing ingredients.

Beyond these key resources, we monitor an array of information sources including industry and trade journals, special studies, and third-party commissioned research. And our global resources as part of the Fuchs Gruppe means that we have access to insights from around the world.

Not only do we provide you with these insights, but we help you translate them into actual products for the marketplace. We’ll innovate for you! Our experts will equip you with concept ideas based on current and upcoming trends, customized for your brand and target demographics. Our goal is to help you create consumers’ latest obsessions and new favorite food products.

When you work with Fuchs North America, our team of marketing research and trend experts will partner with you to bring the joy of food to life for consumers around the world.

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