Customer Service & Support

seasoning warehouseFuchs North America is more than just a supplier — we’re a true partner, with innovative, insight-driven seasoning solutions that provide the right taste every time. Our experience, expertise and processes help you get exciting new products to market faster — but it’s our commitment to customer service that really sets us apart.

Our customer care extends well beyond research, development, prototyping and testing.  We carry our focused support all the way through to production, delivery and beyond.

The customer service specialists assigned to your team understand business thoroughly on every level – ours and yours – making them an invaluable part of what makes working with Fuchs North America so fruitful.

As part of your customer team, our customer service specialists support you in every imaginable way, ensuring that your orders are processed accurately and that deliveries are made on time, as specified.

Customer Service Support that’s Full-Bodied and Flexible

Among the many tasks we undertake as part of our day-to-day production and delivery support to customers are:

  • Entering orders and confirming them with you in a timely manner
  • Expediting orders when needed … and facilitating those needs with our production floor staff
  • Keeping you informed of changes in product availability and pricing
  • Collecting and providing product documentation as needed
  • Investigating QA-related queries for answers
  • Facilitating communications between all relevant parties at all times

We’re committed to working with you in whatever ways are most efficient and appealing – via phone, e-mail communications, even via fax.

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