Limited Edition Tangy & Tart Collection

Sour Power

If you’re one of a select few to receive one of our Limited Edition Tangy & Tart Collection of Snack Seasonings, check out the usage instructions below for applying these seasonings to your favorite snack bases:

Boardwalk Fry Snack Seasoning


Apply topically to your favorite snack base at 4-6% topically

Garlic Dill Pickle Snack Seasoning


Apply at 7-9% topically to your favorite snack base.

Hibiscus Lemonade Snack Seasoning


Make a slurry with 60% sunflower oil and 40% seasoning. Spray slurry onto puffed base at a rate of 60% base and 40% slurry.

Kombucha Snack Seasoning

Spray popcorn with oil at 5-6%, apply seasoning topically to oiled popcorn at 9-11%.


Interested in trying samples of the Limited Edition Tangy & Tart Collection? Contact Ali Sisbarro at to request samples.

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