Customer Teams: Delivering Business Value

Putting You at the Center … is what The Taste of Success is all about.

That starts with customer teams.

No matter how small or large the request, we dedicate resources to each project and work closely with you throughout the product development cycle.  In fact, many customers think of us as a part of their own product development team.

That’s because we’ve adopted a “Customer Team” approach.  An industry exclusive, each team includes three key people:

  • A dedicated account manager
  • An assigned food scientist
  • An assigned customer service representative

Personnel resources dedicated in this way deliver many relationship benefits:

  • Direct lines of communication
  • Accountability across all disciplines
  • Strong personal relationships
  • Your needs are fully satisfied

A Team that Listens … and Acts

Customer teams are our way of delivering on our pledge to put you at the center of everything we do at Fuchs North America:

  • We’re good listeners … and strong problem-solvers.
  • We engage in regular phone contacts and personal visits.
  • Field reports are reviewed by every level of company management.
  • We’re always on the lookout for the “next new thing” in seasoning and flavor capabilities.

Plus, we work on your schedule, not ours!

flavor developmentTeaming up for Success

Our ability to efficiently align R&D, purchasing and marketing activities through the customer team effort means we can offer a strong, complete package from ideation through commercialization.

Simply put, we’ll help you create product or menu solutions that will improve your product mix and drive business.  And we’ll navigate them through the development process quickly and efficiently, thereby assuring you a successful implementation and strong, positive results.

Now that’s The Taste of Success!

Customer Service Support that’s Full-Bodied and Flexible

Among the many tasks we undertake as part of our day-to-day production and delivery support to customers are:

  • Entering orders and confirming them with you in a timely manner
  • Expediting orders when needed … and facilitating those needs with our production floor staff
  • Keeping you informed of changes in product availability and pricing
  • Collecting and providing product documentation as needed
  • Investigating QA-related queries for answers
  • Facilitating communications between all relevant parties at all times

We’re committed to working with you in whatever ways are most efficient and appealing – via phone, e-mail communications, even via fax.

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