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Posted by Rebekah Wicke on 7/26/18

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Last week Chef Elizabeth teamed up with the North Carroll Library to teach kids and their parents about global flavors. Not only did she give them the inside scoop about what people in other parts of the world eat, but she also brought some samples along!

IMG 6129We all know that Mexican and Latin are among the most popular ethnic cuisines, and Chef Elizabeth gave the group of youngsters a glimpse into some popular foods from south of the border. While hearing stories based in this region of the world, everyone noshed on Mexican Chocolate Seasoned Popcorn.

This flavor profile is based on a traditional drink in Mexico that features a course chocolate tablet that is ground and combined with sugar and spices such as cinnamon and chilies, and occasionally almonds.  Although as a beverage it is often served hot and the chocolate is rich, the blending of spices gives it a surprisingly refreshing feeling.

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Next up was African cuisine, which has witnessed a substantial amount of growth in foodservice in the past year or two. Chef Elizabeth explained the common ingredients featured in African cuisine and brought samples of our Senegalese Style Tamarind & Coconut Snack Seasoning on potato chips. This sweet and sour flavor profile was featured in our African Inspirations Collection and was a hit amongst the group.

Sweet, sour and rich with umami, tamarind is an indigenous plant of tropical African and a significant ingredient in much of the Senegalese cuisine.  We’ve combined this unique ingredient with another prominent component, coconut, for an exciting profile that works wonderfully on snacks such as chips and nuts, but can also pair with chicken or fish.

Last, but certainly not least, Chef Elizabeth introduced participants to the wonders of Indian cuisine, another region that’s been trending in the food industry in recent years. Storytime wouldn’t be complete without dessert, so Chef Elizabeth whipped up some Kashmiri Spiced Carrot Cupcakes from our South Asian Collection for the group to enjoy.

With crisp autumn air quickly approaching it’s time to give the grill a little break and warm up the oven. You’ll find our Kashmiri Spiced Carrot Cake Mix a wonderful format for the captivating and inviting spices of the Kashmir Valley region.

All in all, the event was a success, with participants learning about – and trying – global flavors without having to leave the library.

To learn more about our global flavor expertise, contact us.

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