2019 Trends at a Glance

There are plenty of reasons to be excited about the start of a new year. But it’s not necessarily the parties or the champagne or even the resolutions we may or may not keep that get us most excited for this time of year. You know what thrills us the most? Trend reports galore! Here at Fuchs, we watch food and flavor trends all year long using numerous market research sources, but around this time of year, we work tirelessly on analyzing data and interpreting it for our customers so they can get a better grasp on what trends will be dominating the coming year.

Here’s a glimpse of what we’ll be tracking closely in 2019:

  1. AdobeStock 112431221Pantry Apothecary – the rise of functional ingredients and using foods to address specific health and wellness concerns.
    •  Buzzwords to watch for: turmeric, matcha, ginger, probiotics, detoxifying, digestive health, activated charcoal, seeds
  2. The Push for Plant-Based – among the top trends for 2018, this isn’t showing any sign of slowing down in 2019
  3. Technology Takeover – from robots delivering your food to social media’s role in the purchasing process, as technology advances, the way we interact with food and food companies will evolve
  4. Authenticity Through & Through – consumers want an authentic eating experience; they want to know where their food comes from a supply chain perspective and they also want to know the story behind whatever it is they’re eating
  5. AdobeStock 132131643Cannabis & Hemp Infusion – hemp seeds are everywhere now, and cannabis-infused products are on the rise as well
  6. Gen Z’s influence – for the past few years, Millennials have been on everyone’s radar, but as Gen Z begins to enter adulthood, they’ll be taking center stage soon. Keep in mind that this generation values equality, diversity, and transparency.
  7. Trending Ethnic Cuisines – we all know that the demand for authentic ethnic cuisine has grown substantially in the past few years. Which ethnic cuisines will see substantial increases in 2019? We’re thinking Filipino, Taiwanese, Turkish, Moroccan and Yemeni, to name a few.
  8. Trendy ingredients – among the ingredients we’re most paying attention to in 2019 are unique peppers, florals and botanicals, and seeds

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