Berbere BBQ: A New Fuchs Favorite

From our African Exploration Collection, which was just released in April, a new “Fuchs Favorite” seasoning emerged – Berbere BBQ. To give you some background, Berbere is a distinctive blend of hot chilies and alluring spices, like ginger and cardamom, commonly used in Ethiopia and Eastern Africa. Our chef, Elizabeth Landry, noticed how well this unique blend complemented the flavors found in traditional BBQ and created a synthesis of African and American flavor.
It’s a spicy, ethnic twist on American BBQ, and as we’ve found, it can be quite addictive! Not only does this seasoning work well as a rub for proteins, but it makes for an incredible snack seasoning for chips, popcorn, or even pretzels.

Here’s Chef Elizabeth’s recipe for Berbere BBQ Flank Steak:
• Apply 2 -3 Tbsp. Berbere BBQ Seasoning to each 1 pound of Flank Steak.
• Let sit overnight (or at least 2 hours) in refrigerator.
• Grill steaks over medium-high heat until desired doneness.

If you’d like to try out our Berbere BBQ, or any of the other mouth-watering seasonings in our African Exploration Collection, request samples here.

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