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Let me just say it, I love cardamom. It’s floral, fruity, aromatic, and a party on your tongue! It seems like in the United States we are only just discovering the versatility and beautiful profile of cardamom. Over the past year it’s started making its way onto more and more menus, and I’m not going to lie…I’m ecstatic about it!

AdobeStock 65545724So what is this wonderful spice? Grown primarily in Guatemala, cardamom seeds can be found on a specific variety of evergreen trees. The seeds have been harvested for over 2000 years and used for a multitude of applications inside and outside of the kitchen. Ever had a bad case of the hiccups? Forget holding your breath; try making a tea with some cardamom spice as it is said to be an antispasmodic.

Many who are familiar with the seeds will think of a green pod. This variety is typically used in sweet applications like pastries, coffees, and breads. Lesser known is black cardamom which adds a more intense, smokier flavor in savory applications. In Indian cooking, it lends a deeper level of complexity to masalas and dals.

AdobeStock 142737809My love of cardamom all started with a scoop of ice cream. Ice cream infused with cardamom mixed with fresh figs and dried fruit and drizzled with rosewater served at a local Baltimore restaurant called The Helmand.
Here at Fuchs, we’ve developed an Orange Cardamom seasoning that tastes just as great in ice cream or baked into sugar cookies to make cardamom standout. Go ahead- request a sample today!

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