Fuchs’ 2017 Flavor Trend Insights

Here at Fuchs, our Marketing and R&D departments work hard to stay on top of food and flavor trends to make sure that we recommend the most relevant seasonings for your needs. From our market research sources, like IRi and Mintel, to social media sites, we’re constantly reading about and analyzing the latest trends. As we look forward to the new year, we’re rounding out some of the top flavor trends for 2017 for you:

It’s All About Ethnic Vindaloo

In recent years, people (and specifically Millennials) have been particularly interested in ethnic cuisines. This stems from the desire to have food that tells a story, which is why we’re seeing the cuisines of so many different regions making appearances on grocery store shelves and on menus. The Asian flavor trend is here to stay, so don’t be surprised to see more Thai, Japanese, Korean, and Vietnamese flavors on your plate and sprinkled as a seasoning on your favorite snacks! Latin and Mediterranean inspired flavors are still expected to be vastly popular in 2017, but you’ll also begin to notice less mainstream ethnic flavors, like African and Indian inspired flavors, start gaining some momentum.

Savory Flavors in EverythingGrain Bowl

From savory grain bowls for breakfast, to Greek yogurt dips, to even curry ice cream, we’ve been seeing savory flavors popping up in unexpected categories, like Breakfast, Dessert, and Dairy. We expect this trend to gain some steam in 2017 as the demand for innovative flavors and unique takes on classic dishes rises.

Turn Up the Heat

As people have been becoming more adventurous eaters, we’ve been seeing more requests for hot and spicy flavors. Ethnic inspired spicy flavors, like Harissa and Gochujang, are going to rise in popularity, thanks in part to the Sriracha trend. Super-hot flavors have been becoming ever more popular, as consumers tend to view them as a challenge. So, don’t be surprised to see more exotic peppers incorporated into everything from snacks to frozen foods. Sweet heat flavors are still trending, but expect to see more exotic and unusual flavor combinations.


Trendy Spices

In order to achieve those complex ethnic flavors, several spices have taken center stage, becoming increasingly popular. Spices like turmeric, ginger, cumin, horseradish, and saffron have all seen major boosts in recent months. These spices are also valued for their health properties, making them all the more appealing to health conscious consumers.

Sour Notes

Sour flavors have sky rocketed in popularity, especially due to their versatility and mass appeal. Both Millennials and Baby Boomers alike find sour flavors and citrus flavors to be appealing. Other sour flavor profiles, including vinegar, pickled flavors, and fermented flavors are also on the rise.

Moving Forward with Fuchs

At Fuchs, we have seasonings inspired by every season to help you figure out your next LTO or seasonal product line – and the taste trend research to back it up.

And Fuchs’ innovation doesn’t stop there. Our R&D team will develop custom seasoning solutions for your needs!

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