Inspiring the Next Generation of Chefs

For three Thursdays in October, Fuchs’ Corporate Executive Chef Elizabeth Landry visited a local elementary school to teach kids about nutrition and cooking healthy meals through the ACF sponsored Chef& Child program.

Each week, 5th graders, each donning their own chef hat, visited their cafeteria, where Chef Elizabeth and another local chef had prepared four fun and educational activities.

First up was a make-your-own quesadilla station, where the ingredients included fresh vegetables, turkey meat, and whole grain wraps. Over in another corner, they learned about and tasted a variety of fresh vegetables, with healthy dips that Chef Elizabeth prepared. Next up was a station that featured information about whole grains, where the kids tried farro, couscous, and brown rice salads. For the last station of the day, the kids made their own smoothies, with fresh fruit, orange juice, and yogurt.

“One of my passions as a chef is to teach kids about healthy eating, get them excited about trying new foods, and inspire the next generation of chefs. Events like these give back to the community and really get the kids interested in cooking and nutrition,” explains Lindemer.

For more information about the Chef & Child program, click here.

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