Introducing our Cafe Classics Collection of Organic Seasonings

Among the trends that dominated 2018 was the rise in coffeehouse inspired flavors. From green tea to cappuccinos, favorite café beverage flavors popped up on everything from snacks to dairy to desserts and cookies. We, too, were particularly inspired by these flavors, so we launched our first organic collection of seasonings, the Café Classics Collection. These limited edition seasonings are not only trendy, but also incredibly versatile. Keep reading to learn more about these four yummy seasonings.

Maple Cappuccino Oatmeal Seasoning. Nothing says fall quite like a hot bowl of oatmeal. With its perfect balance of maple and creamy coffee, this seasoning is fall in a jar. Mix it in with a touch of oatmeal, and you’re golden.

OrangeScone7Orange Cardamom Scone Seasoning. Ever since Food Scientist Alyssa Chircus crafted these scones, we’ve found ourselves craving it for breakfast. Vibrant oranges pair perfectly with cardamom for our take on a coffeehouse favorite.

Coffee Meat Rub. Coffee meets black pepper for a truly delightful meat rub. Try it on pork or chicken – you won’t be disappointed in this savory flavor profile.

GingerMatcha7Matcha Ginger Snack Seasoning. Popcorn is okay plain, but a sprinkle of this seasoning can turn it into a totally addictive snack. Sweet matcha is particularly trendy now too, not only as a café inspired flavor, but also as a “functional” ingredient.

Want to try one of these delicious seasonings? Email Rebekah Wicke at to request samples.

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