Chef Howard’s Summer Beverage Series: Michelada

Chef Howard is bringing us the latest in beverages with his new Summer Beverage Series! He’s got consumers’ next drink obsessions all figured out. Discover what’s trending in beverages, get inspired, and request free samples!

The Michelada: is it a beer, or is it a mixed drink……

The Michelada is not just one drink, and as with most drinks that have morphed over time, there’s more than one version and a storied history to go with it.

What we do know is that one version is a translation of “my ice-cold beer” or mi chela helada that often had some salt and lime added to it to freshen it up.

The other version, and the one that’s more popular and commercially available, is a cross between a cold beer and a Bloody Mary type drink. You can find these in cans and bottles all over stores with a wide variety of brands and flavors across the U.S.

So, what’s in a Michelada, you may ask. Well, a lot of it depends upon where you are.

In Mexico City, the most common form is made with beer, lime, salt, and hot sauce or chili slices. You may be somewhere else in Mexico and get a version that has Maggie, some type of bullion, a little Worcestershire, some lime juice, a little Clamato and a Dos Equis all mixed together. And yet at a different location, you might find a salt and chili rimmed glass with sliced chilis or hot sauce, a freshly squeezed lime, a splash of tomato juice, a dash of Maggie and a light beer. All of them are good, all of them are refreshing and all of them are a Michelada. If you are interested in trying the Fuchs version of one of these summertime drinks give us a call, request a seasoning and grab a beer.

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