New! African Exploration Collection

We’re proud to introduce our newest collection, the African Exploration Collection! These yummy seasonings were artfully developed by Chef Elizabeth Landry, Fuchs’ Corporate Executive Chef. The four items in this collection are:

• Berbere BBQ Seasoning
• Maghreb Style Boharat Seasoning
• Mozambique Style Piri Piri Sauce Base
• Senegalese Style Tamarind & Coconut Snack Seasoning

Each of the items in the African Exploration Collection are on-trend and particularly versatile, given that each one has more than one application. According to Fuchs’ director of marketing, Shannon Cushen, “As people have been becoming more adventurous eaters, there’s been an increase in demand for authentic ethnic cuisines and flavors inspired by different regions of the world. As a result, African cuisine and African inspired flavors have been gaining traction both in foodservice and at retail.”untitled 762

Our Mozambique Style Piri Piri Sauce Base features the piri piri pepper, which has been growing in Africa for hundreds of years. Although Piri Piri dishes may vary from region to region, it always delivers its characteristic fiery yet addictive heat. Not only does this seasoning make for an excellent sauce for shrimp, but it also works well on other seafood items and proteins, like chicken.

The Senegalese Style Tamarind & Coconut Snack Seasoning will be your new “go to” seasoning for snacks. According to Lindemer, “We’ve combined Tamarind, a common ingredient in Senegalese cuisine, with coconut for an exciting profile that works wonderfully on snacks, such as chips and nuts, but also can pair with chicken or fish.”untitled 779

Not only is our Berbere BBQ Seasoning particularly on trend, but it’s also incredibly versatile. “We noticed how well the Berbere blend complemented the flavors found in traditional BBQ. You’ll want to put this blend on everything from flank steak to popcorn and chips,” Lindemer suggests.

Northwestern Africa serves as inspiration for our Maghreb Style Boharat Seasoning. According to Lindemer, “You can taste the flavors of both the African and Arabic worlds in this blend, which features warm and savory spices and black pepper. This makes it the perfect seasoning for proteins, like chicken and lamb, as well as grains and vegetables.”

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