Spring 2017 Flavor Insights

Spring is fast approaching – before you know it, the flowers will be in bloom, the trees will have leaves again, and your favorite Spring flavors will be back on menus and in the grocery store! Here at Fuchs, Springtime means the resurgence of some of our favorite spring flavors and the introduction of new trendy flavors. Need help navigating seasonal trends? Look no further – we put the “season” in seasoning!

Here’s what we’re expecting to see from Spring 2017 flavors:

Focus on Fruit Mango

Fruity flavors – especially in combination with spicy flavors – have been seeing an increase in popularity across categories, and there’s no doubt that they’ll be increasingly popular this spring. People tend to associate springtime with freshness, and fruity flavors fit the bill. Expect to see more Mango, Apricot, Peach and Raspberry flavors on the menu and at the grocery store this spring. We know that sweet heat flavors have been particularly trendy recently, and these fruits deliver on sweetness. Don’t be surprised to see more Raspberry Chipotle and Peach Habanero flavors in everything from snacks to salad dressings to even yogurt.

Nothing says spring like bright, fresh citrusy flavors! You can expect to see citrus flavors paired with sea salt on snacks, and even citrusy dessert flavors, like Lemon Meringue and Key Lime Pie, as LTOs and on snacks and cookies.

It’s All About Avocado

Avocados have been all the rage in the past couple of years, mostly due to their reputation as a health food. While avocados aren’t exclusively a spring flavor, they do see a rise in popularity in the spring. Perhaps this is due to those lingering New Year’s resolutions to eat healthier? Nonetheless, avocado will find its way into more dishes this spring as LTOs, and avocado and guacamole flav


ored items will also see a boost at retail.

Cocktail Inspired Flavors

Everyone loves a good, refreshing cocktail! Beverage inspired desserts and snacks have been growing in popularity recently, so this spring, you can expect to see more retail items inspired by some of your favorite cocktails. Flavors like Margarita, Strawberry Daiquiri, and Sangria pair particularly well with popcorn, yogurt and desserts, while flavors like Bloody Mary and Minty Mojito go well with seafood.

Moving Forward with Fuchs

At Fuchs, we have seasonings inspired by every season to help you figure out your next LTO or seasonal product line – and the taste trend research to back it up.

And Fuchs’ innovation doesn’t stop there. Our R&D team will develop custom seasoning solutions for your needs!

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