Summer 2017 Flavor Insights

Summer is fast approaching – before you know it, everyone will be using up those vacation days and bottles of sunscreen. Not only that, but you’re favorite summer foods and flavors will be making their annual comeback both in retail and foodservice. We’re also seeing some new and exciting summer flavor trends that will be sure to put a smile on consumers’ faces! Need help navigating seasonal offerings? Look no further – we put the “season” in seasoning!

Here’s what we’re expecting from Summer 2017 flavors:

Fresh is Best

Given the abundance of fresh produce this time of year, it is no surprise that fresh flavors inspired by fruits and vegetables would be in demand. Think avocado, cucumber, shutterstock 546342928watermelon, peach and strawberry. From dairy products, like ice cream and yogurt, to granola bars to snacks, these flavors end up everywhere during summertime. Coconut, pineapple and vibrant citrus flavors also see a boost during this time of year.

This is the time when everyone is trying to get beach ready, so people tend to eat more salads this time of year too. As a result, kale, spinach, and more green veggies pop up on restaurant menus and even more unexpected places like snacks more so during the summer.

Grill Inspiration

Each summer, serious grill-masters and amateurs alike take to the grill to attempt to show their grilling prowess and impress picnic-goers. Grilling is one of America’s favorite summer pastimes. So, smoky flavors inspired by the grill, as well as barbeque flavors see an increase in demand this time of year. Especially expect to see these flavors in food service and in the frozen aisle at the grocery store.

Bright Beverages

Every season has a specific set of beverages associated with it, and summer is no exception. Summer is all about fresh and refreshing flavors, and beverages are noshutterstock 613975214 exception. Flavors inspired by summer beverages include sweet tea, lemonade, and Pina Colada. What’s great about these flavors is that they translate well into a variety of applications, like popcorn, cookies, yogurt, ice cream, and snack nuts.

Moving Forward with Fuchs

At Fuchs, we have seasonings inspired by every season to help you figure out your next LTO or seasonal product line – and the taste trend research to back it up.

And Fuchs’ innovation doesn’t stop there. Our R&D team will develop custom seasoning solutions for your needs!

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