Fuchs North America Introduces New South American-Inspired Seasoning and Flavor Concepts

Six new base seasonings enable swift development and delivery of unique custom flavor profiles and products.

March 28, 2013 – Fuchs North America has introduced a new line of exciting South American-inspired flavor bases.  These bases are the starting point for developing unique custom product offerings for foodservice customers, as well as processed food products for the grocery and retail food segments.  aji amarillo

Included in the lineup are the following base flavor profiles:

    • Aji Amarillo – a fruity, flavorful chili that’s perfect for meat rubs
    • Chimichurri  – the classic sauce to accompany fire-roasted meats, featuring a citrus flavor accentuated by parsley and seasonings that hit all the right notes
    • Gaucho Rub – Emanating from the Southern Cone of South America, a meat rub melding a complex combination of flavors from chili peppers, oregano, pepper flakes, sea salt and other ingredients
    • Guasacaca – a spicy avocado salsa from Brazil – somewhat reminiscent of Mexican guacamole yet having its very own distinct personality
    • Hogao – A Colombian criollo sauce for meats featuring an intoxicating melding of flavors from onions, tomatoes, garlic, cumin, and other spices and seasonings
  • Tempero Baiano – A dry seasoning mixture springing from the Bahia-Salvador region of Northeast Brazil that’s perfect for flavoring meats, fish, vegetables and soups, and known for limitless combinations of flavors and accents

According to Howard Cantor, Fuchs North America’s corporate research chef, these new South American seasoning bases add variety and excitement as rubs, marinades and sauces for beef, other red meats, chicken and fish.  They can also add a special culinary flair to vegetables, soups and casseroles.

Take Aji Amarillo for example.  Its basis is a special chili variety that lends itself beautifully to meat rubs.  It’s not particularly spicy – it has a fairly low heat value, in fact.  But it’s a highly flavorful one because of the fruitiness of the chili itself, Cantor noted.

Tempero Biano, another of our new base offerings, is Brazilian-inspired. It’s very much like what a curry powder is in India:  The basic version is common to all, but there are hundreds of different variations based on geographic region or even individual families.  We take this same idea and give our customers almost limitless options to create their own special flavor profile that’s absolutely unique to them, Cantor emphasized.

Patrick Laughlin, director of marketing, reports that Fuchs North America works with customers to go “from concept to manufacturing to delivery” of an approved flavor in a very short amount of time.

Because we have these bases at-the-ready, we can provide base samples for immediate testing, and then we work with each customer to refine the flavor to obtain just the right taste characteristics they’re seeking. We have all the building blocks in place, so the entire process from concepting to delivery can happen in a matter of a few weeks or even days.  That’s a big benefit when customers are under tight product development timeframes so often.

According to Technomic and other food trend researchers, South American cuisine is considered “the next frontier” in the ever-expanding palette of American diners.

“Just as diners who love Asian fare have explored beyond Chinese to develop a taste for Thai and Vietnamese, those who favor Mexican are now looking south – all the way to Brazil, Argentina and Peru,” Technomic notes in its most recent Ethnic Food & Beverage Consumer Trend Report.

Patrick Laughlin agrees with this assessment.  “What we’re seeing is the growing appeal of a whole range of South American-style food offerings, ranging from marinades and sauces to ceviche, churrasco and other grilled meats.”

Our new South American flavor bases are designed to help customers make the leap into this bold new food arena quickly – and with complete confidence in picking successful new additions  to their foodservice menu or their product offerings.

For more information about Fuchs North America’s new South American flavor bases, e-mail your query to Rebekah Wicke at rwicke@fuchsna.com.

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