The African Exploration Collection from Fuchs

Our new collection brings the endlessly interesting tastes of Africa to all who crave new and unique foods.

The items in our new collection include:

Berbere BBQ Seasoning

Berebere, a distinctive blend of hot chilies and alluring spices, including ginger and cardamom, is widely used throughout Ethiopia and the eastern portion of Africa. We noticed how well this unique blend complemented the flavors found in a traditional BBQ and created a synthesis of African and American flavor.

Maghreb Style Boharat Seasoning

The flavors of both the African and Arabic worlds are present in Boharat, a popular blend of warm and savory spices with black pepper.

Mozambique Style Piri Piri Sauce Base

Piri Piri peppers have been growing wild throughout Africa for hundreds of years. Although Piri Piri dishes vary from region to region, they always deliver its characteristic fiery yet addictive heat.

Senegalese Style Tamarind & Coconut Snack Seasoning

Sweet, sour and rich with umami, tamarind is an indigenous plant of tropical Africa and a significant ingredient in Senegalese cuisine. We combined this unique ingredient with coconut, another popular component of African cuisine, for an exciting and versatile profile.

Arc Carroll Color Pos JPG 2The Middle Eastern Collection was packaged with the help of The Arc Carroll County, an organization that supports adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. To read more about The Arc, click here.

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