Chef Inspirations and Signature Recipes

“Taste the Magic!”

-Elizabeth Landry, Corporate Executive Chef

We’re bringing the vibrant flavors of the Middle East to life in our newest collection.

Signature Recipes from the Kitchens of Fuchs

These four easy, great-tasting recipes are just the beginning of what you can create when you start with our Middle Eastern seasonings as your foundation:

Israeli Style Za’atar Spice Blend



  • Sprinkle over hummus, eggs, roasted vegetables or Greek yogurt for a quick blast of flavor. For a simply delicious snack, try it stirred into olive oil and serve with flatbreads. And it works wonders as dry rub on chicken or other proteins.

Marrakesh Style Meat Seasoning




  • Combine 1-2 Tbsp of Marrakech Style Meat Seasoning with ground lamb, beef or even chicken to create flavorful kababs, meatballs or burgers. This also works wonderfully as a dry rub for lamb roast, roasted chicken wings or sprinkled over salmon.


Middle Eastern Style Sesame & Spice Bread Seasoning



  • You can use Fuchs Middle Eastern Sesame & Spice Bread Seasoning dry by simply sprinkling onto enriched sweet dough before shaping and baking. For an extra special twist on your standard cinnamon rolls, combine equal parts by weight of seasoning with softened butter and spread over enriched sweet dough before shaping and baking.

Yemeni Style Zhug Seasoning



  • Combine 2 Tbsp Yemeni Style Zhug Seasoning with 2 Tbsp water and 1-2 Tbsp olive oil to create a tasty sauce, dip or marinade for seafood, vegetables or chicken.



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