The Modern Comforts Collection from Fuchs

We gave some of our favorite comfort foods a modern makeover, adding trendy flavors and unique flavor profiles.

The items in our new collection include:

Chocolate Malted Milkshake Seasoning

Rich and nutty malt balances with sweet and decadent chocolate to get you hoppin’ back in time to a red leather topped swivel chair at the Formica and chrome topped counter of the neighborhood fountain shop.

Cheddar & Green Chili Sauce Base

Known by many as the ultimate comfort food, Mac & Cheese feeds not only your belly but your soul as well. So it was only natural that would incorporate a sauce that could be used for Mac & Cheese into the Modern Comforts Sample Kit but we wanted to give it a bit of a twist…so we combined the traditional mild and creamy cheddar cheese with some smoky green chilies for a little extra zing! And you’ll see this sauce has many other great uses such as a quick dip or we especially love it on the Rio Grande Style Burgers!

Rio Grande Style Meat Seasoning

An exciting blend of slightly smoky chili peppers with just a touch of heat alongside savory garlic, onions and spices…this is not only the perfect complement to steak, pork chops and burgers for the grill but also gives an added “Wow!” to your meatloaf on those cooler nights.

Smoked Gouda & Rosemary Fry Seasoning

Caramelly, nutty and sweet creamy Gouda cheese with a hint of mild hardwood smoke pairs perfectly with the piney and floral herbiness of rosemary and turns an ordinary side of French fries into something extraordinary!

Arc Carroll Color Pos JPG 2The Middle Eastern Collection was packaged with the help of The Arc Carroll County, an organization that supports adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. To read more about The Arc, click here.

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