The South Asian Collection from Fuchs

Our new collection’s vibrant and authentic flavors offer innovative takes on popular South Asian dishes.

The items in our new collection include:

Butter Chicken Sauce Seasoning

This iconic dish has its roots in the Punjabi cuisine, dating back to the 1950s. Our version of this creamy tomato sauce has a subtle balance of tanginess, sweetness, mild spiciness and richness. It’s easy to see why this is a favorite Indian dish for so many people. And with our Butter Chicken Sauce Seasoning you’ll be able to enjoy this celebrated entree in no time at all!

Kashmiri Spiced Carrot Cake Mix

With crisp autumn air quickly approaching, it’s time to give the grill a little break and warm up the oven. You’ll find our Kashmiri Spiced Carrot Cake Mix captures the captivating and inviting spices of the Kashmir Valley region

Kerala Style Lamb Curry

Spices have always played a fundamental role in the cuisine of Kerala. Dating back thousands of years, Kerala rose to fame on the basis of its production of spices such as black pepper, cardamom and cinnamon. So it only seemed fitting that, as a spice and seasoning company, Fuchs North America would honor Kerala with a fragrant and enchanting curry seasoning

Masala Chai Lassi Drink Mix

Lassi is a traditional yogurt based drink that is common throughout the Indian sub-continent. Our version is slightly sweet and features a subtle tanginess from nonfat Greek yogurt with a hint of black tea along with warming spices such as ginger and cinnamon.

Arc Carroll Color Pos JPG 2The Middle Eastern Collection was packaged with the help of The Arc Carroll County, an organization that supports adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. To read more about The Arc, click here.

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